Getting The doors and windows roughed in and laying more courses of logs

We have Completed laying the first course of logs for the exterior walls as well as the interior walls. We have installed the buck at the door openings for the interior and exterior doors. On the second course we are cutting out for the electrical outlets above where we drilled through the logs for the wiring.

7-13 phone picts 1208

The cut out for electrical outlets.

It looks so good seeing logs on the floor. It is actually starting to look like a house and it’s exciting to see the lay out of the rooms and a little peek at what the house is going to look like.

jacks house 098


jacks house 097

Window buck

jacks house 096

Door and Window buck

On the 4th course of logs we are leaving the window openings and building the buck for the window openings. On the inside corners the logs are all cut the same length. We are using the butt and pass on the interior walls but we are not allowing for an overhang. We are cutting the logs flush to each other.

7-13 phone picts 1233

Wall corner on the inside wall.7-13 phone picts 1230Interior wall corner.

Now it’s time to keep laying logs.



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