And Laying More Logs…….

We have the window openings roughed in and we continue to lay more courses of logs. When we get to the top of the windows we are making an H cut in the log. This makes it so the log sits on the window header flush and still meets with the log below at the side of the window.

7-13 phone picts 1185

Window waiting to get H cut log on header     7-13 phone picts 1222




7-13 phone picts 1221

Cutting the H cut with a chainsaw.

7-13 phone picts 1223

The H cut in an Oak log

7-13 phone picts 1224

Setting the H cut log on the window opening

Now we continue to place logs up to the 14th course of logs, Which is the last course! YAY!! At times this project seems tedious, there are a lot of details to pay attention to. But at the same time I feel a great sense of pride at the end of every day when I can look at the progress we are making and know one day soon Nancy and I will be living in our dream log home. A home that my hands built and will still be standing long after I am gone.


smaller windows in the hall

7-13 phone picts 1235




                                 20130801_135342  On the 14th course the butt and pass overlap is 12″ instead of the 8″ on the lower log courses. This is done to create the over hang for the soffits. This protects the log walls from water.

jacks house 118




 The house with the walls done and no roof looks a lot like a maze. I kinda feel like I should be running around looking for a piece of cheese. If Patrick puts an big exercise wheel in there….Oh Brother!! 🙂

jacks house 114






jacks house 116

jacks house 117

Now we are getting ready to start on the roof. SHADE!!! When it’s nearly 100 degrees out and no shade it makes for miserable work conditions. But very soon we will have shade and a dry place to work.



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