The Ridge beam is going up!

We have rented a Skytrac for a week. Thank goodness. There is no way we could get the ridge beam into place without it . These beams are 4″ x 8″ and 18′ long and weigh about 220 lbs a piece. That is a lot of weight to lift almost 20 ft in the air!  On a smaller log cabin I don’t think it would be necessary to use a skytrac, a skid steer would probably work fine. But it sure made the process of placing the ridge beam in our cabin much easier. We also used the skytrac to place the rafters

Jacks ridge beam 9-13 012

first section of ridge beam


Jacks ridge beam 9-13 018

Setting the ridge beam

Jacks ridge beam 9-13 037

Setting the second ridge beam

The first section of the ridge beam over the master bedroom sits in the spaces on the gable ends that we built in for that purpose. The second section of ridge beam  sits notched on the first section of ridge beam and a supporting post will hold the free end. This is a tricky process. The third section of ridge beam  sits on a support post in the center and on the gable wall on the end also. We have two supporting posts in the center of the house holding the ridge beams until the collar ties are installed.

Jacks ridge beam 9-13 041Jacks ridge beam 9-13 045  Jacks ridge beam 9-13 051   Jacks ridge beam 9-13 028Jacks ridge beam 9-13 054

It was a long stressful day, but The ridge beams are in place. They look great and now  it’s time to start on the rafters! Each step gets us a little closer to our dream log cabin!


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