Keeping our heads dry!


Ship Lap with Timbers

With the exposed timbers and the ship lap above them the ceilings are such an eye catching element to the cabin. Nancy and I absolutely love the warm feeling and gorgeous texture.



Now it’s time to start on the roofing.  The first thing we have to do is decide where the ceiling fixtures such as lights and fans will be placed. The wiring is run over the ship lap but under the insulation and 2 x 6’s. Of course Nancy is out of town visiting her family so I get to make the call on the ceiling fixtures. I hope I can read her mind on this one..If not there could be trouble in paradise!



Electrical wiring under the roofing



Laying down 2 x 6’s


SubRoof going on


Putting insulation between 2 x 6’s

The roof system on our log cabin kit is really very energy efficient. There are several layers between the inside of the cabin and the weather outside. First is the ship lap on the inside above the timber rafters, then tar paper, then 2 x 6′” boards with R19 insulation placed in between each board. 1/2″ OSB was placed over the insulation and now the metal roof will go on top of that. This system will make a tight, quiet, energy efficient roof.


Making fast progress


Putting the plywood on


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