Staining and Chinking…

As other parts of the house are being worked on we have started on the staining and chinking. This is a very important step in the process of finishing and preserving the Oak logs. The stain and the chink are water sealers.


Taping before chinking.



The chink material we chose is called Perma-Chink. It’s a very pliable material, kind of like caulk, but works much better because it has been designed for this purpose.  We will be applying  two coats of the stain. Wow, does it bring the Oak to life. As pretty as the logs were before the stain they are absolutely gorgeous now.

After the stain is allowed to cure for a few days, we tape off above and below the chamfer on the logs, this makes a clean line and helps keep the chinking material where we want it. Then we insert backer rod, this is a foam strip that will help seal between the logs and helps to minimize how much chink material is needed




Backer rod


Now we start chinking. We use a putty knife to pack the chamfer with the chink, then smooth it out. While the chink material is still wet we go over it with a wet paint brush which makes it very smooth and fills any small spots we may have missed.


Stain and Chink

We are installing the windows and doors also. It’s strange to have to go through the door to get in and not just walk through the window. haha.  Our house is becoming a home. It has become quieter and much warmer.





Hall Windows


The Front Door







The next step will be to finish the staining and chinking inside and the get the HVAC, PLUMBING!!!! and electrical work roughed in. Things are moving quickly now!




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