Collar Ties


The center support for the ridge beam.

Up to this point we had a temporary post  in the center of the living room to stabilize the ridge beam. Now we have built the collar ties so the post can be removed.I think I lost a year of my life when that post came out. I knew there was no chance of anything bad happening. Patrick has built so many of these homes I know he is a pro and knows what he’s doing, but……. I still held my breath and my heart rate went through the roof  for a second. But low and behold the post is gone, the living room is one large room now.


Collar Tie


Collar Ties


Collar Tie


Collar Ties

The collar ties give the ceiling a great look. And now that the whole living room is polyurethaned and chinked it looks amazing.






Rafter trim and finished wall




Window trim


Living room wall with shelf

We have started the trim work around the windows and doors. We are going with a rustic look for our trim and it is a really nice accent to the logs and timbers. We will trim around all the doors and windows and the roof rafters.

Every step in this process just makes the house more beautiful and us more anxious to get moved in!



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