Just Some Pictures to show the progress



This is where it all began a few short months ago…..

jacks house 003 jacks house 005 jacks house 011 jacks house 013 jacks house 018 jacks house 021 jacks house 023 jacks house 038 jacks house 044 jacks house 046 jacks house 075 jacks house 081 jacks house 092 jacks house 099 jacks house 101 jacks house 109 jacks house 125 jacks house 139100_2359 100_2369 100_2386 100_2387 100_2433 100_2678 100_2949 100_2951 100_2966 100_2975 100_2691 100_2898 100_2909 100_2913 100_2915 100_2917 100_2938 100_3036 20131211_132329 20140103_103249 20140103_103845(0) DSCN0062 DSCN0065 DSCN0067


And this is where we are now. Next we will get the metal on the roof and the rock for the fireplace. The the floor will be laid but we will wait until the interior dirty work is finished to sand and poly it. That will happen almost last.

Then it’s time for Nancy to have some fun getting the fixtures, cabinets, interior doors and all the goodies that will give the cabin her special touch.

We get a little closer to living our dream every day.



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